giovedì 23 settembre 2021

The great beauty


Oil on thick paper, 26 x 36 cm, 2020.

In my childhood memories there are often the sea and the beach, the sun and the summer. The idea of finding a hidden treasure, a secret sparkling, with a hint of unease, the thrill of joy and panic that arose when, going fishing with my cousins, a fish took the bait on the hook, and that was finally the terrifying moment when we had to kill with our own hands that living creature.

This original painting is available for sale at the price of 290 US$ Contact me in case you are interested in more information about my work, the sales prices of individual works, or the availability for work on graphics.

mercoledì 8 settembre 2021



Oil on thick paper, 24 x 50 cm each one, 2020. Original paintings sold.

The fantastic world of animals. When I was a kid I went crazy for these small encyclopedias for children, where all the animal species were cataloged, and were represented with drawings rather than with images. Those drawings, although very detailed, left much to the imagination. It was as if some white space at the edges of the image were put there on purpose, to allow the viewer to complete, with the imagination, the work of describing that animal. Perhaps it is from this childhood passion that comes to me a certain obsession for animals, and a vice that leads me, starting from a detail or from a certain peculiarity, to exaggerate, to overstate the decorations and the colors, to allow the polyps to emit colored and psychedelic inks.

martedì 31 agosto 2021

Virtual landscape


From the series “Virtual model”, oil and pencil on paper, 40 x 40 cm, 2020. ORIGINAL PAINTINGS SOLD.

I like to create imaginary worlds. Using the modeling software I invent virtual simplified realities, probably the result of travel memories and past experiences. I choose the types of buildings, I place them on a fictitious ground, check the colors to the various parts, the lights, the elements of the landscape. And then I choose a point of view and portray this place of fantasy. The traditional landscape painting has to deal with the atmospheric variables, with the mutability of natural light. Here, on the contrary, not only everything is static, but I can change the various elements at will: add or remove pieces, move something, try the effects of shadows depending on the movement of the lights. But it is a small difference, and also the difference between "real" reality and virtual reality is now small: it has become part of our daily lives, changed our way of perceiving, and somehow has itself become real.

martedì 3 agosto 2021

The infinite city


The infinite city / oil on wood panel, 17 x 45 cm, 2020.

In the contemporary metropolis one can often get the impression that there is no end, edge, limit or border. The city seems to extend in all directions to the horizon, often with monotony and apparent alienating repetitions. However, for those who live in it, the infinite city is not only a source of stress and frustration, but it is often an exciting jungle, a continuous challenge full of possibilities and unpredictable opportunities. In the infinite city we become small and the fear of being crushed can be great, but despite this it irresistibly attracts us, like a siren call.

sabato 17 luglio 2021

Cards butterflies


From the series “Please do not kill butterflies”, pins and oil on paper mounted on a wood panel. 35 x 28 cm each one, 2020. Original paintings sold.

giovedì 15 luglio 2021

Nobile's flight to the North Pole


From the series “Deformations”, oil on thick paper, 56 x 40 cm, 2020. Original sold.

I often paint imaginary maps. I like to play with the codes of representation and the symbols that are usually used in the cartography and in the representation of the territory. In this series of paintings, on the other hand, the starting point is a "historical" map, representing real events in the past, such as maps of explorations, migratory movements, conquests and wars. But in this case, rather than representing an itinerary, I was curious to represent that event from the point of view of the trace left in the memory. That fact, in addition to having occurred at a given time and in a given place, is a bit like a stone thrown into a pond that generates waves and upheavals. From the moment that event happens, a whole series of concatenated consequences appear, in the physical and real world, as well as in the immaterial nebula of the human experience.

giovedì 1 luglio 2021

Inside the house

 Inside the house. Oil on thick paper, 44 x 33 cm, 2020. Original sold. 

A simple and perhaps banal scene, but at the same time ambiguous and disturbing: two separate rooms, one person in each room. The viewer spies from the outside what is taking place inside. Actually he cannot know exactly what is happening. Is the boy hiding from the girl or is he catching her doing something forbidden? Or maybe nothing is happening at all, and no one of them knows anything about the other? Only the eye of the beholder generates the "drama" and can find malice in what he sees. The drama of the scene is amplified by the fact that the floor is imperceptibly inclined, from the bottom of the rooms towards the observer, as if the characters were forced to slide outwards, and by the nocturnal setting that allows the creation of shadows projected towards us.